Vintage 60s Blue 'Woodstock' Hippie Guitar Strap Replica

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"Tom's Vintage Strap" guitar/bass straps are the most authentic modern replicas of the hippy weave straps made famous by countless iconic guitarists throughout the 60's and 70’s.  

These high quality jacquard weave hootenanny straps have adorned the shoulders of many of the greatest guitarists of both yesterday and today.

Specs :

-New Old Stock (NOS) vintage woven fabric from the 60's and 70's.
-Padded faux-leather back (soft Black or Brown Suede).
-Black or Camel leather ends.
-Adjustable length (25" to 58"). Additional length is available at $6.00 per 8".
-Nickel buckles and rivets (new or hand aged).  
-Handmade in France.

-This particular model is, for example, used by Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Roy Buchanan, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, James Burton, Buddy Guy or Glenn Frey.
Built by hand, one-by-one, to vintage specifications.

A wide variety of patterns and colors are available in the store. Quantity discount pricing available when you purchase 2 or more.

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