Vintage (1970/1971) Olds Recording Trumpet

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This Vintage FE Olds Professional Recording trumpet is frommy private collection. I consider it a great honour to have played this hornwhich I originally purchased 15 years ago from a dealer in Boston U.S.A. to replace an Olds Mendez that was stolen. This model wasplayed by Miles Davis in the 50 s and 60s which gives you an idea of thequality and sound of this horn. I am now selling because I’m playing lesstrumpet and more piano and have other horns in my collection to play The recording models from the Olds factories in Fullerton were the very high end of the brand, and the“Recording” was very famous bringing a rather exceptional sound! Roundness andrichness of timbre are waiting for you and you would be blown over by the notesthat fly out of the bell!! I would love this trumpet to be bought by someonewho will wants to take the next step from a good trumpet to a horn withcharacter and who will appreciate it.

Overall, this instrument is in great condition.The serial number, 743789, dates it to 1970/71. Cosmetically, the plating is invery good condition. The deluxe coppered bell is crisp and clear. It has anoffset valve for ease of playing. The valves are quick and slides are smooth.Compression is great, and the horn plays nicely. The valve plating is in goodcondition, with minor staining, and all serial numbers match.. Aside from that,this is a great playing condition horn and has plenty of life left to give. Thetrumpet comes with the original Olds hard case.  If you want to see other photos or pictures ofanything specific or have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask.


Visibleto try out, in Marseille, or, if necessary, in Paris.

Price€ 1,500 ($1670), negotiablewithin reason

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