VCON ViGO Personal Video Conference System - webcam vintage

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VCON  ViGO Personal Video Conference System - webcam vintage

c'est l'ancêtre de la webcam , date du début d'internet

complet avec la sacoche et tous ces accessoires

pas testé , vendu pour pièces

The VCON ViGO is a Versatile IP Conferencing Appliance for Laptop and Desktop Systems

The VCON ViGO is the first non-invasive Personal Conferencing Appliance. Simply plug n' play at your desktop or on your laptop wherever you are. It's that easy.

The VCON ViGO, a portable video conferencing appliance with a USB interface for PC or laptop connectability, provides business travelers high-quality video conferencing both in the office and on the road. The VCOn ViGO's elegant design is comprised of a lightweight base unit with detachable tower and a camera. The VCON ViGO is an IP based unit, incorporating all of VCON’s leading video over IP technologies into a small, easy to use, desktop appliance.

As a light-weight, portable video conferencing device, the VCON ViGO can be used in hotel rooms, in remote offices and can travel back and forth from home to work—anyplace that visual communication is required.

The VCON ViGO includes vClip, a video e-mail and recording software that allows users to record video clips using their VCON ViGO for later viewing on demand or to send out as an e-mail attachment.

Retailed for over $ 1,200 when first launched

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