V Rare, Agfa Jsolette 1936/37 "Soldatenkamera" Solinar/Compu

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Very Rare German Agfa Jsolette "Soldatenkamera" or "Soldiers Camera" dating from 1936/37. This is one of the first batch that was manufactured. It is a dual format camera allowing the user to select either 6x6 or by the closing of internal shutters 4.5 x 6 (see photos). There is a sliding knob next to the eye piece that masks when using in 4.5 x 6 format.

In late 37 the "Jsolette" name was changed to "Isolette" and continued in its production until the range ended in the early 50's. The early models are also the dual format ones. This was later dropped.

Lens is the Solinar 4.5 and shutter is the Compur Rapid giving speeds up to 500th/second...very fast in its day. As far as the Soldatenkameras go this was about as good as they came and this lens/ shutter combination would have been beyond the reach of the average soldier. The top-plate is made of a plastic called "Trolitan".There is a tiny mark that I am not sure if it is a minute crack or scratch by the shutter release button.

Camera was sourced in Paris, France, where it was no doubt left after the end of occupation by its original owner.

Condition is used and aimed primarily at the collector.

Camera is in "as is" or original condition. See photos they are part of the description. There are plenty of marks on the camera body from use, but this camera is over 80 years old. Having said that, overall it is in very decent condition. The bellows appear light sealed, all shutter speeds are working and seem pretty accurate and the lenses are clear.....so there is no real reason that the camera cannot be used and should give pretty decent results. Film taken is 120 format. Camera comes with its original case.

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