Ultra Rare Rayman 2 Ubisoft France Exclusive Mcdo McDonalds

160 €


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The French restaurants of McDonald's did a Happy Meal promotion of six Rayman 2 figures between the 17th May 2000 and the 13th June 2000. Its exclusive limited distribution in the Metropolitan France territory makes this collection very hard to find nowadays. 


The Graal for anybody collecting Happy Meal Toys !!!


Ly the fairy: This figure measures (approximately) 10 cm of height, 5 cm of length and 7 cm of width.Ly is sitting cross-legged with a crystal ball on her lap. Her arms can be lifted and should make the crystal ball light up but I doesn't with this figure. Since the toy is more 20 years old, probably that the battery inside is dead. 


Condition: “Some light paint wear and marks across the figure. crystal ball doesn't light up.


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Shipped with extra care (check my ers comments) , come from a smoke free home.



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