THE BEAST WITHIN - Vampire the Masquerade Revised Edition

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2000  WHITE WOLF's Classic World of Darkness Vampire the Masquerade

The Beast Within (Revised Edition)

edited by Stewart Wieck

Unseen. The Kindred Move Among Us

Not merely mad beasts or lonely hunters, the vampires of the World of Darkness who call themselves The Kindred because of the blood that elementally binds them together, are dangerously organized and cunning. They hide behind a plan they call the Masquerade so that they do not draw the attention or ire of mortals, and the society this masquerade obscures is as rich with wonders and as rife with conflict as any ever known among men.

This collection of stories concerning the Kindred of the World of Darkness serves as both an introduction to their nature and an expose of the danger they pose. Collected within this second edition are favorites of the first edition, including stories by S.P. Somtow and Matthew J. Costello, as well as two all-new stories from Gherbod Flemming and Eric Griffin, two authors of the bestselling Vampire Clan Novel series.


“The Scarlet Letters” by Scott H. Urban
A young woman discovers that her favorite poet has a close connection to the dark subject of his poems.

“The Voice of the Hummingbird” by S.P. Somtow
Awoken from torpor, an Aztec priest comes to terms with the modern world and an old enemy.

“Power” by Don Bassingthwaite
A Ventrue forensic scientist uses her position in the morgue to gain influence in kindred society.

“Darkening of the Light” by Bill Bridges
Tremere Don Benedict is tasked with maintaining control over Chinatown, in opposition to an invading Cathayan vampire.

“Descent” by Sam Chupp
Anastasia must return to the Tremere in order to save her lover from the Sabbat.

“Expendable” by Lois Tilton
A homeless Caitiff finds himself introduced into kindred schemes and rivalries.

“Homecoming: Affairs of the Heart” by James A. Moore
Nosferatu Jeremy Wix returns from exile, but to be accepted he must confront old enemies.

“Undercover” by Matthew J. Costello
A San Francisco police officer gets more than she expected when she makes contact with a vampire gang.

"Inquiry" by Gherbod Flemining
Archon Theo Bell is debriefed on the strange death of Marcus Vitel by Justicar Madame Guil.

"Third Angel" by Eric Griffin
Hesha Ruhadze travels to Desret, Egypt, where he receives a mission from the ancient architect, Amenophis.


The White Wolf Wikia says :

"Several of the characters highlighted in these short stories also appear in Dark Prince, Prince of the City, and Strange City. Unlike the 1994 edition, the revised edition does not include a glossary or illustrations. "





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