Tanglewood TW28CSN-CELH Guitare électroacoustique pour gauch

295 €


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The Tanglewood TW28CSN-CELH Left Handed Acoustic Guitar Cutter has a natural satin finish. Made in the classic "Cutaway Dreadnought" with a solid top cedar, mahogany back and sides.

The most recognized form of guitar - and the most versatile because it offers a good balance between treble and bass,

The classic Dreadnought form produces a robust voice with bass power, a vivid medium, and strong, clear treble notes. The guitar will please fans of guitar and fans of traditional forms and sounds. The cutaway gives access to the upper frets, similar to an electric guitar, making it ideal for rhythm and lead. Perfect for the electric player who needs acoustic sounds.

Dreadnought remains related to roots music, such as bluegrass and folk, partly because of its traditional role in defining these sounds. Aggressively attacking pickers and scrapers from the dreadnought, which delivers clear lines of attack and clean, crisp driving rhythms.

SHAPE: In left section

TOP: Solid Cedar

DOS: Mahogany

SIDES: Mahogany

COL (MATERIAL): Mahogany

CONTROL: Rosewood

BRIDGE: Rosewood


SADDLE: Bone, Compensator

NUT (WIDTH): Bone (43mm)


HEADS MACHINE: Chrome Grover

FINISH: Natural satin

EQ: Fishman ION-T / B-Band A3

It is sold with a rigid TGI suitcase in perfect condition, inside and out, and a new tuner Strap, Plecs, Cabo and Pure Tone come with the guitar and the case.

€ 295.00

Postage and packaging extra & 50.00 OR the collection of Pontrieux 22260, Brittany.

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