Styles pour Genos Tyros & PSR YAMAHA *CELTIC - COUNTRY - DAN

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CELTIC Country & Dance Styles Für YAMAHA Tyros & Psr S /SX 

                         Wir Machen Musik  / We Make Music / Nous Faisons la Musique

Nous faisons la Musique 

* Inclus dans ce Pack les Styles Country du YAMAHA GENOS

Styles Liste :                 Styles Avec 3 x Intro / 4 Variations / 1 Break / 3 X Ending + OTS

60's Shuffle Rock 


80's 12/8 Ballad

Autre Monde Style 

Ethereal Style Synth.

Eye Of The Tiger

Final Countdown

Forever Young

French Wave

French Disco

Guit.Power Ballad



Piano Disco


Synth Medley

Wake Up Dance


Babe Hip Hop

Big Band Salsa

Bolero Ravel

Carpenter Beat


Dolce Classica

Dolce Classica 2

Eger Polka

Eger Walzer

Guitar Beat

Guitar Moments


Heartbreak Blues

Heidi's Polka

Hijo de la Luna

King Reaggae

Kirmes Wlatzer

Konzert Walzer



Mambo n° 5



Piano Beat

Piano Dream

Piano Power Beat




Celtic Styles                                                 



Acoust.Fast Waltz

Acoust.Slow Waltz

Bohdran Folk 4/4

Bohdran Folk 6/8

                                                   Celtic 6/8                                                    

Celtic Dance 3/4

Celtic Trance

Celtic Ballad

Celtic Epic Dance

Celtic Lament

Celtic Pop 6/8

Celtic Trance

Celtic Xmas 1

Celtic Xmas 2

Irish Folk 6/8

Irish Hymn 1

Irish Hymn 2

Irish Hymn Moovie

Irish Mod Folk

Irish Pop 6/8

J-Pop Hit

Mod.Celtic 6/8

Mod.Celtic 4/4

Scots Pop


Country Styles                                           


60's Counrty Shuffle

All My Texas

Bam's Beat

Bluegrass Med.

Born Lose

Breaky Heart

Cali Country

Call Breeze

Candy Country

Can I Have This

Country Swing Fast

Country BT

Country Ballad

Country Beat 1

Country Beat 2

Country Line

Country Ballad 3

Country Beat

Country Guitar

Country Pop 1

Country Straits

Country Waltz

Crazy Arms

Don't Know

Floyd's Last Date

From Arizona

Happy Shuffle

Hello Joe

Kim's Shuffle

Lay Down

Lonely Days

Lonesome Me

Long Black Train


Original Beat

Pushbike Shuffle

Pussycat Smile

Scan slow rock

Scan Summer

Sylvery 6/8


Dance Styles             


16 Dance Shuffle

Dance Pop 1

60's Hit EL.

70's Disco EL.

70'S Disco 1 EL.

70's Pop EL.

90's Disco EL.

Around EL

Ballroom Twist EL.

Barry Disco EL.

Boogie 2 EL.

Dance 2 EL.

Dance 4 EL.

Dance 6 EL.

Disco 4 EL.

Disco Fox EL.

Dream Dance EL.

Electro Club EL.

Entrance EL.

Flip Hop EL.

German Pop

Hip Hop Pop EL.

House EL.

Jazz Dance EL

Jive 1 EL.

Love Disco EL.

Pop Beat

Pop RnB

Saturday Nigh

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