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1. Neighbourhood
2. Mister Psycho
3. Female Of The Species
4. Money
5. Me And You Vs The World
6. Lovechild Of The Queen
7. No One Understands
8. Voodoo Roller
9. Drop Dead
10. Dark Clouds
11. Major Pager
12. Kill Me
13. Charlie M
14. Growler



BOITIER y a quelques petites traces de frottements

Album notes SPIDERS comes with a bonus disc containing the UK single "Female" as well as other non-LP tracks unavailable elsewhere.Space: Jamie, Tommy, Franny, Andy.Additional personnel: Tony Pierce (trumpet); Gerald Lynch (percussion); Yorkie (background vocals).Producers: Stephen Lironi, Ian Richardson, Nick Coler.Engineers: Jeremy Wheatley, Andy Kowalski, Alan Douglas, Stephen Lironi.Even if this British quartet never records another album, its place in '90s pop history is assured by virtue of SPIDERS' standout cut, "Female Of The Species," which combines dance beats, synth-pop and an irresistible, Bacharach-esque chorus that could entice Dionne Warwick to abandon the Psychic Friends Network. Otherwise, Space's debut album establishes that the band is basically a bunch of wisenheimers with synthesizers. Space specializes in sarcastic, hyper-literary songs, coming off as Oscar Wilde with a drum machine. Occasionally, the breathy Brit vocals and percolating electronics suggest EMF's smarter cousins. Despite the loaded subjects the songs often tackle (love, death, etc.), the band takes almost nothing seriously. Space's sense of humor keeps SPIDERS from crossing the line between witty and pretentious.

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