Six 12 x 9 (?) glass plate film holders

59 €


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Here we have six holders for glass plates. Perhaps they can be used with film as well, I don't know. There are glass plates in them now, each measuring slightly less than 9 x 12 cm. If they weren't exposed before, they are now. 

If you have any questions about these, don't hesitate to ask. I don't know what kind of camera they're for, but maybe if you ask the right questions we can figure it out.


About Camera Sanctuary:

Like you, I love cameras. I bring all manner of equipment into the Camera Sanctuary in the hope that I can place it in a new home. I handle everything from collector’s pieces to total beaters, Leica to Lomo, Alpa to Argus. You can buy from me secure in the following:

- My descriptions are honest. Some cameras have been babied, and some have been brutalized. There’s room in the world for both, but I won't try to sell one as the other.

- I won’t pretend I don’t know things.

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