Siemens 6ES5 458-7LB11 6ES5458-7LB11 8x sortie relais

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Siemens 6ES5 458-7LB11 6ES5458-7LB11 8x sortie relais . État : Occasion 

The Siemens 6ES5 458-7LB11 is a digital output module for the Simatic S5 series of programmable logic controllers. The digital output modules convert the internal signal levels of the programmable controllers into the binary signal levels required externally by the process.
6ES5458-7LB11 Design
Digital output modules are available with eight outputs and a 24 V DC supply voltage, they require one slot. Depending on the version, the modules comprise:

- Green LEDs for indicating signal status
- Short circuit detection
- Group signalling output for short circuits (latching relay) with reset input
- Red LEDs for indicating a short circuit

The signal leads must be connected with front connectors, they can be labelled in the field next to the LEDs. The module address (byte parameter when programming) is slot dependent and need therefore to not be set on the module.
Principle of Operation
The module converts the internal output signals of the programmable controller to the load voltage levels used to control the process. The output voltage ranges are fixed. A selection of two or three ranges is available on some modules. 
6ES5458-7LB11 Technical SpecificationsNumber of outputs8Galvanic isolation
-in groups of Yes (relay contacts)
1 Continuous current
Switching capacity of the contacts 5 AResistive loads max.5 A at 250 V AC
2.5 A at 30 V DC Inductive loads max.1.5 A at 250 V AC
2.5 A at 30 V DC Service life: Switching cycles
(VDE 0660, Part 200) 1.5 - 10 (to AC-11)
0.5 - 10 (to DC-11) Short circuit protectionNoneSwitching frequency of the contacts
-resistive loads max.
-inductive loads max.10 Hz
10 Hz Insulation voltage rating (external
connections to housing, internal
connections, other groups)
-in acc. with VDE 0160
-tested with 

250 V AC
1500 V AC 
Supply voltage
-rated value
-ripple Vpp max.
-Permissable range (with ripple)
-value at t < 0.5 s 
24 V DC
3.6 V

20...30 V
35 V 
Current consumption
-internal (at 5 V) typ.
-external (at 24 V) typ. 50 mA
200 mAPower loss (rated operation) typ.4 WFront connector24-pinWeightApprox. 0.8 kgPart number6ES5 458-7LB11

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