Sasha Waltz / Portrait by Brigitte Kramer DVD

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Please, have a look to photo # 2 & 3, the dvd pack is a little damage on the left top (but new) !

A Film by Brigitte Kramer

Sasha Waltz is one of Europe's best-known and most exciting choreographers. Her choreographies are outstanding as she always surprises with new formations, deep subjects and stunning aesthetic style. She does not only work with dancers: the dialogue with all other art forms is her special interest.

Live music has become an important element in her work. With her production of "Dido & Aeneas" in 2005 she developed a new genre: the choreographic opera. Her spectrum is broad: Purcell, Berlioz and Debussy, contemporary classical music and opera have become her favourite working fields. She worked twice with French contemporary composer Pascal Dusapin in "Medea" and "Passion", and with Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa for "Matsukaze". All these deep and beautifully choreographed pieces are featured in this film as Sasha Waltz gives us insight to her work.

The film portrait by Brigitte Kramer draws a line from 2005 until today the most important years of Sasha Waltz' international career.

Special Features

Garten der Lüste
The choreographer Sasha Waltz
A Film by Brigitte Kramer

This film portrait of the choreographer depicts the progress of her work between 1992 and 2007, describing her exhilarating course from the early choreographies to her large opera productions.

Sound Format: PCM Stereo
Picture Format: 16:9
DVD Format: DVD 9 / NTSC
Audio Languages: German, English (Garten der Lüste), French (Garten der Lüste)
Subtitles: English (Portrait), French (Portrait), Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean
Running Time: 72 mins (Portrait), 59 mins (Garten der Lüste) & 22 mins (Rehearsal)

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