Rick Owens - Kangaroo Leather -retail 3200€ CCP poell ma+ b

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Rick Owens Dust/Grey Mollino Biker jacket, 

Tag as XL, but fits as M/L, best fits EU 50, same quality as Carol Christian poell.

this beautiful rather rare Molino Kangaroo Biker model, very little amount was produced in Kangaroo leather, a beautiful piece but it doesn't fit me, luckily I lose weight, just try for one hour.

So much character to the leather an amazing texture and quality, also will keep you warm.

The Kangaroo leather is lighter - flexible and stronger than the cow and the most of leather and is waterproof, naturally treat.

Off centre zip fastening, has a funnel neck, two pockets at the front, two inside zipper pockets, zipped sleeves, cow fusilli zipper finish.

Color tones: dust/gray/white, beautiful texture, wabi sabi very sought-after effects, which is rare to get Molino jacket, individually hand-tanning and finished by the master Rick Owens.

My phone does not get the true color, hard-to-photograph photos don't do it justice.

In my opinion, it will be better over time, the leather will have to acquire a patina and which takes marks on your body, it will be even more beautiful!

• 100% Kangaroo Leather.

• Silk/Co Lining.

• Hand-tanning.

• Carry shoulder strap

• Waterproof.

• Fusilli zipper finish Cow 

  Made in Italy

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