RABBIT Minicore RCM5700 Standard Development Kit

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The RCM5700 is compact module in a mini PCI Express form factor, and incorporates the powerful Rabbit® 5000 microprocessor with integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet functionality and 128KB of on chip SRAM.

The RCM5700 also includes 1MB of onboard flash memory.

This standard development kits, 101-1274, is available with the essentials that you need to design your own microprocessor-based system, and includes a complete Dynamic C software development system. The development kit also contains an Interface Board with USB and Ethernet connections that will allow you to evaluate the RCM5700, and a Prototyping Board to help you to develop your own applications. You will also be able to write and test software for the RCM5700 modules, including Ethernet applications.

The RCM5700 has a Rabbit 5000 microprocessor operating at up to 50.0 MHz, flash memory, two clocks

(main oscillator and real-time clock), and the circuitry necessary ton reset and manage the Rabbit 5000.

An edge connector brings out the RCM5700 user interface to a 52-pin mini PCI Express socket on the

motherboard the RCM5700 is mounted on. The RCM5700 receives its +3.3 V power from the motherboard

on which it is mounted. The RCM5700 can interface with other CMOS-compatible digital devices through

the motherboard.

Kit Contents:

The RCM5700 Standard Development Kit contains the hardware essentials you will need to use your

RCM5700 module. These items are supplied in the standard version of the Development Kit.

- RCM5700 module.
- Interface Board with standoffs/connectors.
- Prototyping Board with standoffs/connectors.
- USB cable to program RCM5700 via Interface Board.
- Dynamic C CD-ROM, including product documentation on disk.
- Getting Started instructions.
- Registration card.

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