Profoto ProB2 1200w pack+7Head

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Profoto ProB2 1200w generator  (with buil in radio receiver) in good cosmetic and perfect working condition + worldwide charger + 1x Pro7Head 4800w fan cooled with modeling light,glass dome and cap feel free asking for info/pics.Tx Pro B2 1200 WS Power Pack The Profoto Pro-B2 1200R Ws Power Pack with Radio Slave provides an 8-stop flash adjustment. It may be fired by your Pocket Wizard transceiver or transmitter with its built-in 32 channel radio slave receiver. The Pro-B2 can provide 200 full power flashes per charge. Achieve action-stopping flash durations, even at maximum power output. Recycle time is 1.8 seconds @ full power, and .04 seconds @ 600 Ws. Using the snap-on universal power adapter, the Pro-B2 can operate as a regular AC powered flash generator while the battery is being recharged. The adapter is fast, charging an empty battery in just 2.5 hours, and it accepts a wide range of input power: 12-24V or 90-240V. Included with every Pro-B2 is a standard 110/230V charger, loading the battery in 5 hours. In addition, the Pro-B2 battery is completely memory free; there is no penalty for partial charging. Fires Without Wires Built-in 32 channel Pocket Wizard Brand Radio Slave Attach an optional Pocket Wizard transmitter to your camera, and trigger the pack from up to 300' away Conventional optical slave is switchable, sensitive, eases synchronization with other flash sources Eight f/Stop Range Variable from 1200 to 9 w/s, in 1/10 stop increments Large Charge Capacity Provides 200 flashes @ full 1200 Watt/second output Faster Recycling Time Requires only 1.8 seconds @ full power Multi Voltage The battery may be charged from a wall outlet in any country in the world, using the battery charger which is supplied with four different removable plug adapters Charging Options The battery may be charged directly from an automobile cigarette lighter with the optional 12V DC automobile charger. Sturdy and Safe Construction The unit has sturdy knobs, rubber-clad grips and frames, as well as the outlets and switches conveniently placed on top.  It is equipped with special non-arching safety connectors, for easy connecting/disconnecting of the head at any time. Power Distribution Can be symmetrically or asymmetrically distributed through two lampheads. Flash Ready Indication Switchable acoustic signal "beeps" when unit is fully recycled. Also the "Test" button lights up when the power supply is ready to fire Modeling Light 100W modeling light is powered for 20 seconds before automatic cut-off, conserving battery power Optional AC Adapter Charges the battery while shooting, allowing significantly more flashes (701248). In the Box Profoto Pro-B2 1200R Ws Power Pack with Radio Slave 12 Volt Battery with Cassette

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