Phase One P30+ Digital Back for Mamiya-Phase One 645-AF

1 750 €


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PhaseOne P30+ 31.6 MegaPixel Digital Back is a top quality fast fashion shooter with ISO capabilities of up to 1600. With its superior moiré control, it is also well suited for harsh environments.

Designed to support a range of medium format, large format and technical cameras, the P30+ comes complete with advanced features such as Opticolor+, Dynamic+ and XPose+, offering unprecedented color accuracy in extreme environments (such as dusty, cold or hot), better high ISO image quality, and even longer exposure times - up to one hour - allowing photographers to push their creativity farther than ever before.

The P+ Series comes with Capture One 4 RAW workflow software, offering photographers the ability to work more efficiently with large image RAW files while maintaining high color accuracy and output quality. The combined products enable photographers to achieve clear, precise results at the moment of image capture - results that can be easily fine-tuned-if needed- in post-production.

The P+ Series includes a new set of capture and imaging tools that provide photographers with more options and greater flexibility, saving time and effort.


- 31.6 Mega Pixels
- Improved Image Quality With OptiColor+
- Higher dynamic range up to 1600 ISO!
- Untethered capability for ultimate freedom on location
- Extreme exposure times: exposure times up to one hour at 15 degrees Celsius!
- Reliable product working in all conditions optimized for harsh environments, extreme cold and warm conditions. It has been cooled down to ÷79 C / ÷110 F and exposed to 175 C / 350 F for 30 minutes in an oven - and it still works!
- Crisp and vivid viewing Scalable focus window and amazing color reproduction

Models of P+ back and Fitting

- Mamiya  RZ67 Pro IID
- Phase One 645: Mamiya 645AFD, 645AF, 645DF, XF

- Contax 645: Contax 645AF

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