PCI-DIO48H PCI CARD 48-Channel, High-Drive, 64 mA Digital I/

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• 48 Bits of Digital Input/Output.

• All 48 I/O Lines Buffered on the Board. 

• I/O Buffers Can Be Enabled/Disabled under Program Control 

• Four and Eight Bit Ports Independently Selectable for I/O. 

• Pull-Ups on I/O Lines. 

• +5V Supply Available to the User. 

• Compatible with Industry Standard I/O Racks like Gordos, Opto-22, Potter & Brumfield, Western Reserve Controls, etc. 


• Automatic Test Systems. 

• Laboratory Automation. 

• Robotics 

• Machine Control. 

• Security Systems, Energy Management. 

• Relay Monitoring and Control. 

• Parallel Data Transfer to/from the PC. 

• Sensing Switch Closures or TTL, DTL, CMOS Logic 

• Driving Indicator Lights or Recorders  

These PCI bus cards provide 48 bits of parallel digital input/output capability and can be installed in seven-inch (178 mm) or longer PCI-bus slots. Each I/O line is buffered and capable of sourcing 15 mA or sinking 24 mA (64 mA on request). The cards contain two type 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface chips (PPI) to provide computer interface to 48 lines. Each PPI provides three 8-bit ports A, B, and C. Each 8-bit port can be software configured to function either as inputs or as latched outputs. Port C can also be software configured for four inputs and four latched outputs. Pull-ups on the cards assure that there are no erroneous outputs at power-up until the card is initialized by system software.

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