PARFUMS FONTANIS Plaque publicitaire

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FONTANIS "Parfum Fontanis" Rare plaque publicitaire en cuivre, bas-relief à l'Antique: Thème de la fabrication des parfums.             

Avec son support. Création de Roger Foy 1919.                                                                                                      Dimensions: 12cm x 8.5cm                          

Plaque publicitaire en laiton estampé de forme rectangulaire représentant en triptyque les 3 phase de l'élaboration du parfum dans le style gréco-romain : la cueillette, la distillation, et la mise en amphore des essences assurées par des vestales drapées.

 Rectangular bronze plaque with gold finish and hinged easel stand. Front of plaque decorated with three rectangular  friezes, each showing two women dressed in robes. 

Bottom of plaque inscribed, "PARFVMS FONTANIS".                                                    The three panels depict the stages of perfume production from the gathering of flowers, the pressing and extraction of  fragrance to its storage.

The plaque came with a metal stand that attaches to the back, similar to an easel stand.

This was created for the Fontanis pavilion at the famous decorative arts exhibition in Paris in 1925

Fontanis of Paris and Neuilly France, established in 1919 by Daniel Jaquet, Neuilly-sur-Seine, also the founder of Madhva  in 1923.The company manufactured perfumes and cosmetics. The short-lived business was sold to Volnay in 1927.

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