Mozart - Sonatas for fortepiano & violin - Müllejans I Bezui

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Petra Müllejans - Violin - Kristian Bezuidenhout - Fortepiano

According to legend, Mozart was so rushed when writing K379 and K454 that he was forced to premiere the pieces with incomplete piano parts. Paying homage to this spirit of spontaneity in a programme of some of Mozart’s most beloved chamber works, Petra Müllejans and Kristian Bezuidenhout present a reading of these pieces that recaptures the freshness and volatility of those early performances.

Kristian Bezuidenhout plays a fortepiano by Derek Adlam, Welbeck, 1987, after Anton Walter, Vienna, 1795.

Sonata K.454
in B flat major / Si bémol majeur / B-dur

1 I. Largo - Allegro   7'52

2 II. Andante   8'06

3 III. Allegretto   7'13

Sonata K.379/373a
in G major / Sol majeur / G-dur

4 I. Adagio -   6'08

5 Allegro   4'20

6 II. Thema: Andantino cantabile   9'25

7 Six Variations on "Au bord d'une fontaine" K.360/374b["Hélas, j'ai perdu mon amant"] in G minor / sol mineur / g-mollThema : 12'10

Sonata K.296
in C major / Ut majeur / C-dur

8 I. Allegro vivace   6'35

9 II. Andante sostenuto   6'06

10 III. Rondeau: Allegro   4'29

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