METAL GEAR SOLID Peace Love Walker Jigsaw Puzzle NEW DX Pack

80 €


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Rank : S

Remark : 

Only available in Japan in very limited quantity during the game promotional event through the Konami Style Store.

SIZE is 75cm x 50cm - 1000 pcs Jigsaw Puzzle.

You bid on what you see, please check the pictures for more details about the item !

Rank :

- N = New - Neuf

- S = Mint

- A = Near Mint

- B = Very Good - Très Bon

- C = Good - Bon

- D = Medium - Moyen

- E = Poor - Mauvais


- This is my own rank condition, everyone have a different one so I do not accept any claims on that. 

- Chacun ayant son propre jugement, c'est pourquoi je n'accepte aucune réclamation sur l'état.

- Ship from France with bubble wrap and carton. 

- Envoi de France sous papier bulle et carton.

- For international buyer, shipment with low value and gift mark OK! The delivery delay estimation is between 10 to 20 days (for US & EURO, after that up to 30 days).

- Délais d'envoi pour la France comprit entre 3 et 5 jours.

- You bid on what you see.

- Vous enchérissez sur ce que vous voyez.

- Any questions please contact me BEFORE purchase. No Exchange, No refund, No return.

- Merci de poser les questions AVANT achat. Pas de Retour, Ni remboursement, Ni échange accepté.

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