MEN MIKRO F202 CompactPCI/PXICarrier Board w/ + 1 M50 Resolv

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MEN MIKRO F202 CompactPCI/PXICarrier Board w/

1 M50 Resolver


1 M15 Frequency generator


1 carte ==> F202

The F202 is a 3U M-Module carrier board for universal I/O on the CompactPCI bus as well as on PXI for automated testing requirements. It allows high flexibility in applications such as data acquisition or process control. The F202 is slightly higher than standard 3U format, providing enough space for two M-Modules while staying compatible with CompactPCI or PXI racks through special guide rails already included in the delivery. M-Modules are screwed tightly on the carrier and require no separately mounted transition panel. MEN's F202 offers CompactPCI and PXI developers instant access to more than 70 different M-Modules for I/O in fields such as process I/O, measurement, instrumentation, motion control, communication, and development.

1 carte ==> mezzanine card M50


1 carte ==> mezzanine card M15

- Frequency generator

F202 Features & Specifications
- CompactPCI Bus: Compliance with CompactPCI Spec. 2.0 R2.1, only one slot required on 3U CompactPCI bus, PCI 9050 controller, target on PCI bus, 5V signaling voltage (VIO), max. clock frequency 33MHz, power supply 5V, compliance with PCI Specification 2.1, 32-bit PCI data bus, V(I/O): +5V
- M-Modules: two M-Module slots on the board
- MTBF: 52,000h @ 50°C
- Peripheral Connections: Via front panel
- PXI: Five trigger lines compliant with PXI Specification, routing of PXI trigger lines to M-Module interface TRIGA, TRIGB
- Supply voltage/power consumption: +5V (4.85V..5.25V), 400mA typ. (without M-Modules)

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