Marantz PM80 MK2 SE - Dual Class A/AB Serviced and bias adju

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And here is the stereo legend with no need for too much fanfare. I will not be talking specs as I will assume you know what you're looking for.

The amp is in pristine electrical condition, I have to mention this is a very reliable model as opposed to the MK1. Meaning that no parts were replaced and it is in it's original condition as intended by Marantz engineers.

Maintenance performed:

1. All pots and switches were cleaned and deoxidized;
2. Idling voltage (bias) was readjusted as per manufacturer specs for each channel and Class A(108mV) and AB(27mV) operation respectively.  

This is only a lightly used home environment specimen. Please refer to the photos for cosmetic condition, the front facing panel is basically free of scratches.

Shipping tfrom France to EU.

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