Lots of 10 Film canisters for Geocaching, Collectibles, Chan

5 €


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Used, clean 35mm film canisters (Fuji, Kodak, Ilford...) with lids (Boites à pellicule, Filmdose), great for:

- geocaching

- storing small craft items, screws, nails... in your workshop

- first aid kits, medication

- storing coins (monnaie / kleingeld / change)

- small collectibles

- science projects

- small gifts

- spices, seeds

- memory cards, cables, earphones...

- pins, beads...


You may write on the flat lids with a waterproof pen or put a sticker label on them (some already have).

As you can see from the pictures, they come in different styles, which I have in different quantities. Please inquire to verify I still have enough of those you would like to buy.

- semi-transparent with flat black lid: 13 (with label: 50)
- semi-transparent with flat grey lid: >100
- semi-transparent with beige lid: 24
-semi-transparent with beige lid: 29

- semi-transparent with semi-transparent lid: 55

- black with flat blue lid: 8

- grey with grey lid: 9
- brown with brown lid: 4
- black with flat grey lid: 8

- black with black lid: 5 (with label: 17)

1 piece: 0.7€

10 pieces: 5€

50 pieces: 20€

Shipment: the size of the package will vary according to the number of canisters: please inquire

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