Lot of 9x Agilent HP 81662A DFB laser modules

725 €


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Lot of 9x used Keysight / Agilent / HP 81662A Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB) modules, with polarized output. Adequate for Agilent 816x lightwave measurement systems.

Manuals/specs can be found at Keysight's:

General specifications:

- CW DFB laser with built-in isolator

- angled polarized output with Panda 9/125um fiber, FC/APC adapter provided (HP81000FI)

- max output: +10dBm

- Side Mode Suppression Ratio: 45 dB

- Polarization Extinction Ratio: >20 dB

- wavelength tuning range: +-500pm min.

- power adjustable within 3..10mW typ.

- 24h stability: 0.03dB, 5pm

Some modules have up to #2 dB power back-off (# 8.0 dBm max output power), see list

For all: absolute wavelength drift since last calibration (many years ago): within +-0.2nm

List of modules and raw measures (HP86120B and a 1m FC-APC standard cable, at +10dBm nominal power):

- opt 325: 1535.82nm / 195.20THz, measure: 1535.85nm, 8.67dBm

- opt 333: 1538.98nm / 194.80THz, measure: 1539.03nm, 9.58dBm

- opt 343: 1542.94nm / 194.30THz, measure: 1542.98nm, 9.89dBm

- opt 355: 1547.72nm / 193.70THz, measure: 1547.78nm, 10.14dBm

- opt 367: 1552.52nm / 193.10THz, measure: 1552.55nm, 9.98dBm

- opt 371: 1554.13nm / 192.90THz, measure: 1554.20m, 8.82dBm

- opt 381: 1558.17nm / 192.40THz, measure: 1558.20nm, 8.01dBm

- opt 387: 1560.61nm / 192.10THz, measure: 1560.66nm, 9.35dBm

- opt 483: 1600.60nm / 187.30THz, measure: 1600.73nm, 10.53dBm


- use wear, scratches

- no manual

- calibration out of date

+ all modules tested

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