Lexicon PCM80 OS V 1.10 Update / Upgrade Firmware EPROM

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Lexicon PCM80 – OS V1.10 Update Upgrade Firmware EPROM

Latest Operation System Firmware for lexicon PCM80 sampler released by Lexiconi


(We sell only the OS EPROM, the music instrument photo is there only for identification purposes)

Features/improvements: This EPROM will fix bugs related to midi communication and software issues. Compatible with Lexicon Algorithm Cards

The EPROMs replacement is usually straightforward:

1.     Fully save your presets, sounds, works, etc.

2.     Power-off and disconnect from mains your instrument

3.     Open your instrument taking notes and photos in order to be able to put it back together after.

4.     Usually the EPROM(s) to replace have a label identifying the version. carefully note or better take photos with details on the orientation of the circuit notch

5.     If you don?t have our IC extractor, carefully extract the EPROM circuit from the socket by slowly inserting the screwdriver and pulling off by small amounts alternatively from both sides of the circuit.

6.     Insert the new EPROM(s) by correctly orienting the notch, aligning the pins on socket holes and gently pushing into socket.

7.     Visually inspect again the notch orientation and all pins one by one to be sure they didn?t bent underneath the circuit or outside the socket.

8.     Carefully put together and completely close the instrument in reverse order consulting the notes and photos you did during the opening of the instrument.

9.     Re-connect the cables and the mains as they were before opening.

10.  Do the first power-on in a quiet and smoke free room in order to be able to hear any unusual noise and sense any unusual behavior.

11.  Perform a hard reset of your instrument in order to correctly initialize all features.


Note: the circuit notch will identify the orientation of the IC circuit or the pin 1. Search google for ‘IC notch’ term in order to visually understand what is all about  


 Do not hesitate to get in contact if you need us to install the EPROM for you.


We source carefully and we use only high quality industry grade EPROMs

We do have advanced industrial chip programming gear; do not hesitate to contact us for your chip programming needs.

We will readily assist you with your technical questions concerning your electronic music instrument problems, improvements and more.


We are professionals working under EU regulations.

We are seriously testing our products before sending and we stand behind our products.

Buy with confidence.


Often the original manufacturers of these old electronic music instruments will not support them anymore. We offer this service at very low cost in order to allow the users to have the latest firmware versions, to enjoy the latest features and avoid the frustration from annoying bugs.

If you are the legal owner of the code and you think our product offering will infringe your patents or your code ownership, please contact us. 

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