Kurzweil Operating System 3.87 (Calvin) EPROM - K2000 K2000R

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Kurzweil Operating System 3.87C  (Calvin) update kit for K2000 and K2000R

 Version 3.87 is the latest and the Best Operating System version for K2000 series synthesizers.  

You will receive:

- two brand new EPROMS - (K2000 Eng HI  and K2000 Eng LO), corresponding to the Operating System version 3.87 for K2000 K2000R (Calvin) 

- integrated circuits extractor

- phone or email support 

Upgrading your K2000, K2000VP, or K2vx

There are 2 different versions of the engine board and operating system - Calvin and Janis. If there is a "J" after the version number on the display on boot time, than you have a Janis unit, if there is no letter after the version number, you have a Calvin unit.

                                                     Make sure to buy the right EPROM update kit corresponding to your board (Calvin or Janis) !!!

Please note:

If your K2000 system  directly from a version earlier than 2.0 (like 1.3 version) of the Kurzweil Operating System requires the additional purchase of new Setup EPROMs, which are NOT included with this operating system update kit but available on our shop. 

K2000 Series - v3.87 Operating System

New features and enhancements added when upgrading from version 3.54

- SCSI Speed Improvements. Now loads and saves twice as fast as previous versions.
- Export to standard MIDI Type 1. Now the software can import and export both Type 0 and Type 1 MIDI files.
- ISO 9660 format support. Adds ISO 9660 format support for CD's. This allows you to read CD's in the standard format. Previously we required an "image" of the hard disk format.
- Supports looped WAV files, both import and export. Also correctly handles tuning of WAV and AIFF files. Saving a WAV file will now export the loop info, if any. Importing a looped WAV file will now get the loop data, if any. The software only handles one loop per sample, so the first loop found in a WAV file is used.
- Now reads 2500 programs. Previously the 2000 would ignore programs containing 2500 specific parameters. Now it translates them, stripping out any KDFX or other 2500 parameters.
- Improved object save and delete times.
- Improved sample delete times.


New features and enhancements added when upgrading from version 3.01 or 3.18

All of the above, plus:

- Eight 32-layer "drum" channels are now available. (PRAM option required).
- A new option has been added for the sustain pedal (Program editor - LAYER page). When you select "On2," the sustain pedal will not catch the release of a note that is still sounding when the sustain message is received; this can be very useful in a program that uses amplitude envelopes with a long release time.
- MIDI type 1 files can now be imported.
- Verify option double-checks the data integrity of all your backup, copy, and save operations.
- Info soft button on the Utilities page in Disk mode displays information about your disk drive(s).
- Copy function now allows selection of multiple files.
- You can now format multiple floppies without having to return to the initial Format command.
- The K2000's SCSI subsystem has been enhanced to accept a greater variety of devices. In addition, the K2000 now supports disk drives of up to 2 Gigabytes (2048 Meg). V3.54 will work with drives larger than 2G but only the first 2 G will be utilized. (Drives larger than 1 gig will work externally, but are likely to draw too much power to be used internally. Please check our Hard Drive Compatibility List for power consumption specs.
- Previous to v3.54, for the Backup and Copy functions, the combined size of both drives had to be under 1 gig unless PRAM was installed. This limitation no longer exists.
- Compatibility with the PC Exchange program has been improved.


New features and enhancements added when upgrading from version 1 or 2

All of the above, plus:

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