Korg Audio Gallery AG-101 excellent (General MIDI module AG-

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KORG AG-101 (AG-10) - AI2 Synthesis

Sound Module Expander

Virtually like new in box !

Fully General MIDI compliant.

Very rare device these days in Europe in a very good condition !

This is very similar to the Roland Sound Canvas SC-55/88 tone generator but with another "color" of sounds. Great sounds. All owners of this vintage module loved it !

Sounds really great. Perfect for MIDI composing and old MS-DOS games (retro gaming - see the picture with the Tetris Classic game).

See pictures for details.

Please note that the software and manuals are not included in this box.

The Korg AG-10 and power supply are in superb condition, virtually pristine and like new. The 2 Korg stands to hold the device in vertical position are present too.

The cardboard box has some light wear but is globally in good condition.

I also provide MIDI cables in the box.

I also have for sell : Roland SC-55, Roland SB-55, Roland SC-155, Roland SC-88 & SC-88 Pro, Roland MT-32, Yamaha MU-128. Please ask me if you are interested.


Commercialisé à partir de 1993, le module de sons Korg AG-10 (nommé aussi Audio Gallery) était destiné aux possesseurs de PC & Mac.

Ce boitier renfermait une puce Korg MBCS35104, que l’on retrouve sur beaucoup de carte filles et autre synthés utilisant la synthèse AI² de Korg, une évolution de la synthèse AI (Advanced Integrated) apparue pour la première fois sur le synthétiseur Korg M1 en 1988.

L’AG-10 dispose d’une polyphonie de 32 voix, 32 Oscillateurs (Mode Single) ou 16 voix, 32 Oscillateurs (Mode Double). La mémoire PCM est de 4 MB. La norme General MIDI est supportée, avec 128 patches disponibles et 4 kits de percussions.

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