Incubateur anaérobique Gaspak system

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Incubateur anaérobique

Gaspak system : mise en culture anaérobie

Bon état.

GasPak 100® Systems 

The economical nonvented model can be used for anaerobic procedures. 

The vented model can be used with evacuation-replacement systems using tank gases. Both the nonvented and vented models hold twelve 100 x 15mm petri dishes or 13 culture tubes.

Nonvented model and vented model (if tank system is not used) require a disposable gas generator envelope (see Accessories). Both models come with 5 O.D. x 9 in.H (13 x 23cm) polycarbonate jar; 

lid with O-ring gasket (vented or nonvented depending on model); clamp and thumbscrew assembly; catalyst reaction chamber; 2 catalyst charges; autoclavable, stainless-steel Petri dish rack with clips;

and culture tube holder. Vented model also supplied with rubber hose and tubing clamp.

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