Imagine Communications Harris X85HD-AV-2PS TBC / Frame Synch

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Imagine Communications Harris X85HD-AV-2PS TBC / Frame Synchronizer / scaler /optical fiber

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General Description
Offering unparalleled flexibility,the X85-3G/X85HD/X75SD product line provides up to nine video inputs and ten video output formats,depending upon the following available options:
• Two HDTV optical fiber serial component digital video inputs and
outputs (X85) or one HDTV optical fiber serial component digital video input and output (X75)
• Two HDTV coaxial inputs and outputs on independent paths (X85) or two HDTV coaxial inputs and outputs using the same path (X75)
• Two SD-SDI serial component digital video inputs and outputs
• One 128 x 96 thumbnail streaming source and one 352 x 240 pixel (525) or 352 x 288 pixel (625) streaming-over-IP video/audio output
• Component analog video (Betacam®) input and output
• S-video (S-VHS/Hi8) input and output
• NTSC/PAL-M/PAL-B/SECAM composite video input and output
•RGB-S output
• DVI-D output
Inputs are capable of auto-detection, with user-selectable SMART alarms.
Two input modes (both ofwhich allow for either automatic detection or user-selection of inputs) are available for processingcritical program paths for ingest, and bridging between routers/tape transports/servers, mobile broadcast, and edit suites.
Video Processing
Processing for video includes level/color control, aspect ratio conversion, 3D-adaptive color de coding, noise reduction, frame synchronization and time base correction for non-synchronous signals, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog video conversion.
Other capabilities include the following:
• Up and down conversion
• Aspect ratio control
• High-definition cross-conversion
Audio Processing
Processing for audio includes level control, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, and SD-SDI and HD-SDI serial digital signal embedding and de-embedding.
Other capabilities include the following:
• Sample rate conversions, synchron ization, and timing-to-video for correction of lip sync errors
• Embedding/de-embedding of signals such as Dolby E™ and AC-3™
• Processing of multiple channel program signalsfor surround-sound applications before or after compression
• Audio-follow-video routing
• Converting, adjusting, timing,demultiplexing, and multiplexing
Signal Control and Monitoring
You can control and monitor signals using a variety of methods:
• Local X85-3G/X85HD/X75SD control panels
• Remote X75-RCP control panels
• Web server software
• Local DPS-575 control panels
• Remote RC-575 control panels
• CCS™-enabled hardware controls
• CCS software applications and QuickTime Player
• SNMP control systems
Operating Modes
The X85 and X75 have four main operational modes:
• Auto Detect (default mode)
• M-Path (multiple path)
• Simulcast
• All Output Select
X75 and X85 General Functionality
• Upgradability from SDTV to HDTV, and HDTV to 3 Gb/s
• Frame syncs for analog, SDTV and HDTV
• Upconversion, downconversion, crossconversion, and aspect ratio conversion
• Analog-to-digital conversion
• Digital-to-analog conversion
• Proc amps for analog, SDTV and HDTV
• Video test generation
• Optional video noise reduction and enhancement
• Optional HD and SD color correction
• 8, 16, or 32 channels of internal audio processing (gain, invert,swap, sync/delay,sum)
• Embedding and de-embedding for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and 3 Gb/s
• Compressed audio capability (Dolby E®and AC-3®)
• Video and audio timing correction
• Streaming video capability
• SD memory card parameter settings storage
• Audio (and embedded) test generation
• Audio limiting capability
• Built-in Web server with thumbnail monitoring capability
• Available redundant power supply
• Active Format Description (AFD), audio metadata, closedcaptioning, and DVB Teletext captioning capabilities
• Optional program delay for video and embedded audio
• Auto-detected inputs
• Two SD-SDI and

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