HP Agilent Keysight 81521B Optical Head

800 €


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HP 81521B Optical Head

-80dBm +3dBm

900nm - 1700nm

Possibility of taking with interface : 

- 81533A Optical Head Interface : 400€

- 81618A Interface : 700€

- 8152A Optical Power Meter : 130€

Possibility of taking with connector adapter :

- 81000BA Bare Fiber Adapter : 320€

- 81000DA Connector Adpater Radial or Radial VFO-DF : Free

- 81000PA Connector Adapter diamond E-2000 : 140€

- 81000DF Depolarizing Filter : 200€

- 81000SA Connector Adapter DIN : 100€

Le produit est vendu sans certificat de Calibration.

Si vous voulez un certificat de calibration ou de vérification, contactez-nous pour un devis. contact@fc-equipments.com

The product is sold without a Calibration certificate.

If you want a Calibration or Verification certificate, contact us for a quote. contact@fc-equipments.com

The cost of sending may vary by country.

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