Harris Videotek TVM-821D serial digital Waveform Monitor/ Ve

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Vend Oscillo verteurscope Videotek TVM-821D 

toutes les caracteristiques en PDF sur le net

Two component serial digital inputs .

Button and knob per function design .

Simple operation .

A/B input "Overlay" mode for easy system timing .

A/B input "Parade" mode for level comparison .

LED alarms for EDH, Gamut and Data errors .

Input EO display for quick verification of signal integrity .

Analog audio input with X-V display for gain and phase measurement .

RGB or '1: Cb, Cr display .

525/625 operation -Auto-sensing .

Four memories for fast recall of set-ups .

GPI input for memory recall .

Looping external analog reference input .

GPI output for alarm indication .

Five year warranty -covering all parts and labor (One year warranty on CRTJ

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