Focusrite Octopre Platinum 8 Channel class A mic preamp with

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8 legendary Class A mic preamps in the same class as the Focusrite ISA and RED ranges.
They don't make them like this anymore...

This unit is in very good condition - see pictures : front face is pristine with no scratches, only a few usage scratches around the rack ears from installation (marks will be hidden again after mounted onto a rack). It never left the studio.

The Octopre provides eight pristine discrete channels of Focusrite Class A mic preamp and compression, OctoPre PLATINUM routes directly to any digital audio workstation via eight standard analogue outputs.

Each channel features a revolutionary compressor/limiter circuit, providing a warm-sounding compressor, which morphs into a brick wall limiter to avoid those critical overs, ensuring total control over all eight channels.

The mic preamps featured in OctoPre PLATINUM are similar to those featured in the award winning Focusrite Top-Of-The-Range. They are a transistor-based Class A design utilising the same full-bandwidth philosophy as the legendary RED and ISA mic preamps, ensuring detail and clarity without colouration. The first two 'super channels' also feature phase reverse, as well as TRS jack inputs on the front fascia for quick and easy, DI-free instrument plug-in.

Eight line level balanced (+4 dBu) analogue inputs and outputs are provided as standard via 25-pin D-type connectors. These D-type connectors may be routed to 8 XLR/TRS by means of an (optional) 8-way 25-pin D-type to 8 XLR/TRS breakout cable, available separately. In addition to the analogue outputs, the OctoPre can be fitted with digital output (OPTIONAL CARD).

Detailed description from the focusrite website:
The OctoPre is an eight channel Class A microphone preamplifier, featuring a classic Focusrite mic pre and a revolutionary compressor/limiter circuit on each channel. The mic pres featured in the OctoPre are similar to those featured elsewhere in the award winning Focusrite Platinum range. They are a transistor-based Class A design utilising the same full bandwidth philosophy as the legendary Focusrite Red and ISA mic pres, ensuring detail and organic clarity without obvious colouration. The revolutionary compressor/limiter circuit provides each channel with warmsounding compression, which morphs into brick wall limiting to avoid critical ‘overs’ when recording digitally.

The first two channels also feature phase reverse, as well as unbalanced 1/4” jack inputs on the front fascia for quick and easy, DI-free plug-in of guitars and basses.

With Class A Focusrite analogue signal processing and comprehensive A/D interface options, OctoPre is the perfect partner for a Pro Tools™ system or any other digital audio workstation, making high quality, multi-channel recording easy. Equally, it could be utilised as part of a compact multi-channel location recording solution (with a laptop or ADAT™, for example), or as an additional set of professional-quality mic pres for any analogue or digital console or hard disk recorder.

The original OctoPre is a typical Class A Platinum design, (based around a 737 Rhom transistor) and it is solid state, it has extended bandwidth (up to at least 180kHz at the top end) and sounds transparent. The original OctoPre has an edge in being more forgiving if you want to slam the pre's hard (but more 2nd order harmonic distortion as a result).

-The Octopre has a dynamics (compressor/limiter) control on each channel
-The Octopre has 48V phantom power switches on each channel
-The Octopre has line in and out connections on 25 pin D-sub connectors and 8 XLR inputs for mics

Performance specifications :
THD:0.001% @ 20dBu input, mic and line at 0dB gain
Noise:-96 dB at unity gain through the unit
Mic EIN:-128 dBu @ 6dB of gain with 150Ω termination impedance
Frequency response:-1 dB at 10 Hz to 200 kHz

Carefully packed with powercord.
Shipping France : 27,80 €
Shipping Europe : 36,30 €

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