FIORUCCI STICKERS PANINI 1984 - SERIE Fiorucci Story 52 Girl

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Italian heritage. Swinging London. New York disco. Mix it all together. The result? Fun, flash, frivolity, freedom, Pop Art, Flower Power… Fiorucci, Fashion Design

Fiorucci’s graphics were splashed everywhere, most memorably on the iconic Panini stickers, teaming up with the Italian sticker company to create over 200 different designs, all by previously undiscovered artists and graphic designers, supervised by Art Director Terry Jones. 

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Modern Graphic Arts  1980  Fashion  Pin-up  Frivolity  Design Vintage Hype Crazy cult popart psychedelic woodstock incentive geschenk cadeau sexy artistique artistic shirt apple women girl boy teen teenie pizza space  spicy  mega miss Elio trend  Warhol Lichtenstein Haring Moma Milano Milan roaring revolution Epoca angeli look fashion mode moda retro style future past style skinny sun fun beach robots dance bra swim pussy footing pants shiny heart throb jazz disco love lips jig boogie palm suf styled circuit pocket poster aliens roma ghetto flipper glasses dancing legs eroticism bardot jeans beatles monroe Warhol lichtenstein haring elvgren america US London carnaby twiggy myth body flipper coffee cinema star celebrities fame new york cosmetic panini stickers babitz coppola rizzoli epoca leisure Madonna

Modern Graphic Arts  1980  Fashion  Pin-up  Frivolity  Design

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