FINAL FANTASY XV Original Soundtrack Blu-ray COLLECTOR + Ama

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[ Exclusive] FINAL FANTASY XV Original Soundtrack Blu-ray COLLECTOR


Comes with a BONUS CD of unreleased trailer songs collection 

[First limited edition] SQEX-20027-9
BD 2-discs set

+ CD 1-disc set
+ Luxury outer box
+ Exclusive large format booklet

+ Excusive bonus Unreleased Trailer Music Collection CD

Etat : Occasion . Il y a des marques blanches sur le carton dû à la matière 'douce'. Le carton/couverture des deux Cd est déchiré à l'arrière (reçu comme ça). Tout le reste est comme neuf !

Condition : Used. There's so white spots on the outter box because of the 'soft' material of it. The slip cover of the 2 CD is torn up on the back (received like that). Every thing else is like new

Playlist of the bonus CD
"NOX AETERNA (E3 2013 Trailer)"
"Fight Fantastica (TGS2014 Trailer)"
"Veiled Aggression (JUMP FESTA 2015 Trailer)"
"Song of the Stars - Dawn (gamescom 2015 Trailer)"
"APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS (Uncovered Trailer)"

FINAL FANTASY XV Original Soundtrack [Blu-ray disc1]
You can enjoy over 90 songs and beautiful fantastic images of FFXV world at the same time
Soundtrack with images to maximize Blu – ray specifications!
Exclusive bonus tracks for first limited edition!
* MP3 file included. Compatible to a portable player!

Bonus Disc / Special Music Collection [Blu-ray Disc2]
One disc contains game songs over FF series history
Blu-ray disc soundtrack. Over 250 songs included in total!
"The longest total play time" and "the largest number of songs contained" in Blu-ray disc soundtrack history of our company.
Huge amount of contents you never heard!!
Bonus Disc / Piano Arrangement [CD]
Exclusive CD containing piano arrangement songs carefully selected among FFXV songs!
Exclusive booklet
Liner notes and discussion by members involved in music production including Yoko Shimomura
Large format booklet!

*Soundtrack with images to maximize Blu – ray discs!!

With new music media "BDM" to maximize the possibilities of Blu-ray disc,
both of high quality image with full specifications and 96 kHz/ 24 bit high quality sound source (Visual & Audio)
are able to recorded.
We will suggest a new listening environment in dramatic changeable music scenes.
MP3 file to play disc with a portable player included!
You can enjoy high quality sound played on home Blu-ray player equipment,
As well as ROM contains MP3 compressed data of playlist.
You can import music from Blu-ray compatible equipment (including PlayStation 3) or Blu-ray Disc compatible PC
to listen depending on your lifestyle.

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