Cyrix Gxm-233GP

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General information TypeCPU / Microprocessor FamilyCyrix GXm CPU part number
- GXm-233GP 2.9V is an OEM/tray microprocessor
Frequency233 MHz Bus speed33 MHz Clock multiplier7 Package320-pin Ceramic Staggered Pin Grid Array
1.952" x 1.952" (4.96 cm x 4.96 cm) Introduction date18-Mar-98 Architecture / Microarchitecture Manufacturing process0.35 micron 4-layer metal CMOS process Data width32 bit Floating Point UnitIntegrated Level 1 cache size16 KB write-back 4-way set associative unified instruction and data cache Physical memory1 GB Extensions and Technologies
- MMX instructions
Low power features
- APM support
- CPU only suspend
- Suspend modulation
- Full 3V suspend
On-chip peripherals
- PCI controller
- Display controller and 2D Graphics accelerator
- 64-bit synchronous DRAM controller
- Memory Management Unit
- Internal Bus Interface Unit
Electrical / Thermal parameters V core2.9V ± 0.15V V I/O or secondary3.3V ± 0.16V Minimum/Typical/Maximum power dissipation2.76 Watt (Suspend mode) / 5.55 Watt / 9.9 Watt Notes on Cyrix GXm 233 MHz

- Interfaces with Cx5520 or Cx5530 companion chips

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