Custom built EL34/KT77/6L6GC switchable Triode/UL SE Tube Am

500 €


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Selling my custom built EL34/KT77/6L6GC/6P3S-E(NOS) Single ended class A Triode/Ultralienar tube Amplifier.

I have built this amp myself based on a Douk Audio chassis but with some important design improvements and better components as follows:

- Audiophile coupling caps: Jantzen Audio superior Z 1200V

- ELNA Cerafine cathode bypass caps and Vishay filter caps

- Takman(Japan) and Allen Bradley carbon composite resistors in audio critical circuit spots

- Triode / Ultralinear switches (original design is only UL)

- Cathode bias adjustment knobs with resistor networks in parallel (inexistent in the original design)

Adjustable bias allows for usage with a wide range of octal power tubes!

The amp is sold with the following tubes included:

A pair of JJ EL34 power tubes

A pair of JJ KT77 power tubes

A pair of 6P3S-E NOS power tubes

A pair of 6H8C NOS preamp tubes

1X Svetlana 5U4G / 5C3S NOS rectifier tube

1X 5C4S / 5Z4 NOS rectifier tube


The amp should not be power cycled while hot/warm to avoid cathode stripping and rectifier sparks in order to preserve the life of tubes.

UL/Triode switching should be avoided during operation

Bias switching during operation is okay in this configuration but should be avoided.

Single ended triode amps are low power and highly recommended to be used with high sensitivity 92dB+ speakers

Selling due to involvement in several other tube amp projects.

I will answer all of your questions

Flexible shipping to EU and UK (message me for an exact shipping quote)

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