Condensateurs EXPOTUS Polypropylene NOS - Capacitors @

9,95 €


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Le Havre

Un lot de 2 condensateurs - 2 capacitors

Vous choisissez / you choose:

- 1.5µF - 5% - 250V AC ( 9,95€ / paire - pair )

ou / or

- 4.7µF - 5% - 250V AC ( 13,95€ paire - pair )

Leadout wire: Very high purity cooper.
Metallized polypropylene film capacitors for use in the most demanding loudspeaker applications for optimum acoustic performance.
Also suitable for use in more general high quality electronics applications (Tubes amplifiers, DIY, Guitar amplifiers, etc...)
Particularly suitable when the lowest possible DF (approaching zero) and high current handling are important.

Since the ESR for these capacitors is so low, there is virtually no practical limit to maximum allowed ripple current. They will withstand intermittent operation in excess of the rated voltage without harm.

Excellent en audio (amplis à tubes HiFi ou guitare) et en filtrage Haut-Parleurs (Enceintes acoustiques) JBL - Supravox - Audax - Siare - Elipson - Fostex - Fertin - etc...

Je dispose aussi de nombreuses valeur de condensateur Philips Mullard type Mustard, Belton, Sire, Siemens, Expotus, Précis, LCC,  etc... neufs.
I also have a lot of Philips Mullard type Mustar capacitors, different values, NOS, ask me.

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