Compact Stereo Guitar Ampli a pile & effèt and 11 Amp Profi

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Compact Stereo Guitar Ampli a pile

& effèt and 11 Amp Profiles delay reverb



Here are some of the features packed into your new Profiler Model 5 Stereo Combo Amplifier:

• 5 watts rms power output

• 2 x 4" speakers

• 11 digitally controlled analog classic amp profiles

• Proprietary “Tone” EQ control

• Stereo DSP Effects including Delay, Modulation Effects, and Reverb sections

• Audio Input

• Headphone Output

• USB Port

• AC Adapter or battery-powered


Profiles Description

Clean 1 Acoustic

Clean 2 Clean

Medium Gain 1 Small Tweed

Medium Gain 2 Large Tweed

Medium Gain 3 High Watt

Medium Gain 4 Vintage Club

High Gain 1 Top Mount

High Gain 2 Sixties UK

High Gain 3 Flex Wave

High Gain 4 Tube Rectifier

High Gain 5 California Mod


Delay Description

Bypass (Center) No delay

Multi (Turning control counterclockwise from center)

1. Quick multiple delays, alternating right/left, tapering off

2. Quick multiple delays, alternating right/left, slightly louder, tapering off

3. Quick multiple delays, alternating right/left, a little louder, tapering off

4. Longer multiple delays, alternating right/left, tapering off

5. Longer multiple delays, alternating right/left, slightly louder, tapering off

Single (Turning control clockwise from center)

1. Quick single delay

2. Longer single delay

3. Longer single delay, slightly louder

4. Even longer single delay

5. A-440 Hz Tuning (repeating tuning fork tone)


Effects (Rotating clockwise from left to right)

1. Tremolo

2. Rotary Speaker

3. Classic Phaser

4. Stereo Chorus

5. Stereo Flanger

6. Bypass — no effects (12 o’clock position)

7. Stereo Chorus w/Phaser

8. Octave Down (adds pitch one octave down from original)

9. Vibrato

10. Auto Wah

11. Auto Wah with Phaser


Profiler Model 5 Technical Specifications

Output Power Rating 2 x 2.5 watts rms @ 5% THD into 4 ohms

Gain (Profile High Gain 5: California Mod) 82 dB with Gain and Master controls @ 10

CD Input 32 dB

Maximum Input Signal Accepted 2.5 volts rms @ 400 Hz

Input Impedance 1M ohm

Tone Control Proprietary Circuit

Speaker Size and Rating 2 x 4", 4 ohms each

Power Requirements

AC Adapter: 9 VDC @ 500 mA

Battery: 6 AA alkaline batteries

Size (H x W x D) 8.1 in/20.6 cm x 11.5 in/29.2 cm x

7.0 in/17.8 cm

Weight 6.7 lb/3.0 kg



Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the Crate Profiler Model 5 compact five-watt

stereo guitar amplifier with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and 11 classic amp profiles.

This portable amplifier has guitar strap pegs on each side for hands-free transport, and

a battery compartment for operating when AC power isn’t available.

This rugged amplifier combines outstanding features with serious clean and distorted sounds.

Digital Reverb, Delay, and Effects provide you with a wide variety of stereo sounds. Crate’s

unique Profile Tracking feature automatically stores your DSP settings for each profile to

memory. As you switch from one profile to another, the last DSP settings for the selected profile

are instantly recalled. A rear panel 1/8" stereo audio input jack allows you to play along

with your CD player, MP3 player, or iPod. There is also a headphone output for private listening,

and a jack for connecting the supplied AC adapter whenever AC power is available.

The Profiler Model 5 also includes a CD with Tracktion, Mackie’s powerful audio and MIDI

sequencing software for digital recording on a PC or Mac. Simply connect the USB port on

the Profiler Model 5 to your computer and record your music into Tracktion (or any other DAW

software application).

Like all Crate products, your Profiler Model 5 amplifier is designed by musicians and built

using only the best components. Extensive testing confirms that this amplifier is the absolute

best it can b

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