Cell Phone Signal Booster Band 12/13/17 4G 700MHz Verizon AT

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Cell Phone Signal Booster Band 12/13/17 4G 700MHz Verizon AT&T for Car Truck Use

Product Description

1: This item is 700MHz, please confirm your mobile frequency is 700MHz AT&T/Verzion before you buy this item.

2: This item is suitable for using in the car.

Electrical specification



Frequency Range

Band 12

698 ~ 716 MHz


728~ 746 MHz

Band 13

776 ~787MHz

746 ~757 MHz

Max .Gain

≤ dB

≤ 45dB

≤ 45dB

Max. Output power



Gain Flatness


Automatic Gain Control


Automatic shut down

When self–oscillation happen or attenuation value reaches 20dB, power supply is shut down.

Spurious Emission


≦-36dBm @ 3KHz


≦-30dBm @ 3KHz

Noise Figure




Group Delay


LED Indicator


LED Indicator

Continuous GREEN :normal;

Twinkly GREEN :input signals may be not enough.

Continuous YELLOW : stronger input signals, AGC is working;

Twinkly YELLOW: self–oscillation happen, AGC is working,the attenuation value is more than 12dB .

Continuous RED: power supply is shut down.

Mechanical Specifications


I /O Port




Operating Temperature


Environment Conditions






Power Supply

Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz,output DC 5V



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We design, develop, manufacture, market and service signal amplifiers systems for cell phone, with our innovative, dedicated and experienced team. We can provide high quality products and solutions that you want from your amplifier suppliers. Welcome to buy.


1. What does a mobile phone signal booster include? How does it work? Can I use the signal booster when the outdoor signal has 0 bar?
1) A signal booster kit mainly includes a signal amplifier ,an outdoor antenna(with a 10 meters coaxial cable ), and an internal antenna(with a 5 meters coaxial cable) etc.
2) Outdoor antenna receives the signal from the base station to transmit to the repeater, the signal is boosted around the place via the indoor antenna to improve the call; It is suitable for transmitting the voice and data of mobile phone, tablet PC, or the Internet.
3) Signal booster can only boost the mobile phone network signal, but does not help to generate any signal. For example, if your outside signal has 0 bar, it can not work or bring you any signal.

2. My outside signal only has 1 bar, the booster can bring me signal?
Yes, it can. According to this situation, you need a higher dB gain booster (80dB gain)+ a higher dbi outdoor LPDA antenna+ a higher dbi indoor wall panel antenna. You can contact our customer service to get related information.

3. What do I need to know before ordering a signal booster?
Before ordering, you need to know your network operator frequency. Every network operator has its own technology and frequency. The signal booster can only work well when it is suitable for your network frequency, otherwise it would not boost any signal.

4. I do not know my network frequency? How can I know it?
Before ordering, you can search the frequency site or call your network operator to get information:
Other choice: contact the customer service to provide related information to recommend.
A. Tell us your network operator ,and it is used in which country.
B. Tell us network current signal type(2g 3g or 4g)
C. Tell us to use it to transmit voice or data

5. How can we do if we order

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