Avantone Bv-1

950 €


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First in our new AVANTONE "ButterCream" Series, the BV-1 offersunsurpassed performance at an amazing price.
Designed for the ultimate in Pro Performance, the BV-1 mic body and capsule assembly are precision machined of BRASS and feature a beautiful Retro-ButterCream finish, accented with polished nickel trim and grill.
The BV-1 incorporates low-noise; hand selected 6072A tube, and premium grade capacitors and resistors to provide the finest sound. The edge-terminated, custom designed and voiced 34mm 3 micron dual capsule assembly offers incredible sensitivity with very open, rich texture.
A CUSTOM DESIGN "USA MADE" Cinemag Output Transformer was developed exclusively by AvantEngineers for the BV-1.
Includes Padded/Plush Lined Wooden Microphone Box, Vintage Style Power Supply with 9 selectable patterns, Custom Nickel plated Pop Filter (Detachable), Custom "Retro-Style" Shock Mount, 5/8"-3/8" stand adapter insert, 15′ Gotham GAC-7 Custom Mic Cable with Premium Nickel Switchcraft XLR Connectors, all packaged in a Tweed & Alligator Trim "Retro-Styled, plush-lined, Carry Case.

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