Arcobel computer labview + ni pcie-gpib + IBS PCI SC/I-T 272

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very good condition 
year 2008

software national instruments / labview

inside the arcobel computer

1x Nexcom NBP 1407 Backplane. 14 slot backplane | 7 PCI | 5ISA | 2PICMG

1x ni pcie-gpib

- High-performance GPIB interface for PCI Express and Low-Profile PCI Express
- NI-488.2 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris
- Custom NI TNT ASIC that provides maximum IEEE 488.2 performance

The NI PCIe-GPIB and PCIe-GPIB/LP are high-performance plug-and-play IEEE 488 interfaces for PCs and workstations equipped with PCI Express and Low-Profile PCI Express expansion slots. You can use the NI PCIe-GPIB and PCIe-GPIB/LP in PCs and workstations running Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. 

2x pci mio 16e 1 National Instruments PCI-6070E / PXI-6070E Series 1.25 MS/s, 12-Bit, 16 Analog Input Multifunction DAQ


- 2 Analog Outputs
- 8 Digital I/O Lines
- Two 24-bit Counters
- Analog Triggering
- LabWindows/CVI and Measurement Studio for Visual Basic and Visual Studio .NET Integration
- NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate and More Than 70 Signal Conditioning Options

DescriptionThe National Instruments PCI-6070E / PXI-6070E uses E Series technology to deliver high-performance, reliable data acquisition capabilities to meet a wide range of application requirements. This unit gets up to 1.25 MS/s sampling, 12-bit resolution on 16 single-ended analog inputs. The unit provides flexible OS, application development environment, and application software choices.
1X  Phoenix Contact IBS PCI SC/I-T 2725260

INTERBUS generation 4 controller board for PCs with the IBS PCI SC/I-T standard controller, the high-level language programmable ISA bus platform is also extended towards PCI compatibility. The corresponding CMD INTERBUS configurator acts as the central interface to all other tools involved in an automation solution, such as EPLAN, visualization, and programming.

- External 24 V DC power supply
- Direct integration into OPC-based visualization systems via OPC server
- Installation of several cards in a PC with monitoring of multiple INTERBUS lines
- Parameterization and diagnostics with Diag+
- Compatible driver
- Access to INTERBUS system data and controller data via visualization stations
- INTERBUS parameter channel (PCP) supported
- Access to high-level language applications via HFI

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