Alimentation HP PPP009L 463552-001 463958-001 PA-1650-02HN

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Alimentation  PC Portable  HP 


Marque : HP 
Modèle : PPP009L
P/N : 463552-001 / 463958-001 / PA-1650-02HN

Caractéristiques :
- Input : 100-240V / 50-60Hz / 1.6A
- Output : 18.5V / 3.5A / 65W

Machines compatibles  :
- HP 2533t, 4410t, 550 
- HP EliteBook 2530p, 2730p, 6930p, 8530p, 8530w, 8730w 
- HP Mini 2140, 5101 
- HP Mobile 2533t 
- HP Pavilion dv2800, DV3000, DV3500T, dv4, dv4-1000, DV4-1020, DV4-1028, DV4-1120, DV4-1123, DV4-1125NR, DV4-1144, DV4-1220, DV4-1227, DV4-1228, DV4-1280, DV4-1281, DV4-1300, DV4-1322, DV4-1365DX, DV4-1400, DV4T, DV4T-1000, DV4T-1100, DV4T-1300, DV4Z, DV4Z-1000, DV4Z-1100, dv5, dv5-1000, DV5-1000T, DV5-1000Z, DV5-1002, DV5-1010, dv5-1019tx, DV5-1020, DV5-1100Z, DV5-1113, DV5-1116, DV5-1120, DV5-1132, DV5-1140, DV5-1150, DV5-1160, DV5-1166, DV5T, DV5Z, DV5Z-1000, DV5Z-1100, DV6, DV6-1000, DV6-1001, DV6-1030, DV6-1038, DV6-1050, DV6-1053, DV6T, DV6T-1000, dv7, dv7-1000, DV7-1001, DV7-1002, DV7-1003, dv7-1014tx, DV7-1020, DV7-1130, DV7-1134, DV7-1137, DV7-1150, DV7-1170, DV7-1247, DV7-1253, DV7-1260, DV7-1262, DV7-1267, DV7-1273, DV7-1275, DV7-1285, DV7-1448, DV7-1450, DV7-1451, DV7-2019, DV7-2040, DV7-2043, DV7-2044, DV7-2078, DV7-2157, DV7-2170, DV7-2173, DV7-2174, DV7-2177, DV7-2180, DV7-2185DX, DV7T, DV7T-1000, DV7T-2000, DV7Z, DV7Z-1000, dx6000, G50, G50-100, G50-102, G50-103, G50-104, G50-106, G50-108, G50-109, G50-111, G50-112, G50-114, G50-118, G50-123, G50-124, G50-126, G60-100, G60-117, G60-120, G60-123, G60-125, G60-127, G60-219, G60-230, G60-233, G60-234, G60-235DX, G60-236, G60-237, G60-238, G60-243, G60-247, G60T, G60T-200, G70-246, G70-250, G70-257, G70-258, G70-450, G70-457, G70-460, G70-463, G70-467, G70-468, G70T, G70T-100, G70T-200, HDX16-1025, HDX16-1040, HDX16-1044, HDX16-1056, HDX16-1140, HDX16-1160, HDX16-1180, HDX16T-1000, HDX16T-1100, tx2000, tx2100 
- HP ProBook 4310s, 4311s, 4510s, 4515s, 4710s, 5310m

P/N équivalents : 677774-001, 693711-001, 5501358504, PA-1650-32HJ, PPP009L-E, 677774-002, 677774-003, 608425-001, 609939-001, 573399-001, 506818-001, PA-1650-32HT, 519329-001 463958-001 PA-1650-32HN

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