ALCATEL 1521 FL Alcatel-Lucent Fiber optical Line systems

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Alcatel-Lucent Fiber optical Line systems


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Alcatel-Lucent 1521 FL is a 4x2Mb/s fiber optical line system. Its versatility provides cost efficient solutions for linear and subscribers networks. The Alcatel-Lucent 1521 FL IP system supports both 2 Mb/s and Ethernet connections, combining TDM and IP traffic on the same access link.



- Optimised for provisioning of wideband services in linear or star network topologies via fiber with 4x2 Mb/s transport
- Alcatel-Lucent 1521 FL IP aid the convergence circuit switched TDM to packet switched IP. Because its large variety of interfaces, it is suitable for a number of applications, such as LAN and PABX interconnections or fast internet
- Low power consumption, compact design and high reliability
- Range of HW versions combined according to the operator`s needs
- Common network management for both optical line systems Alcatel-Lucent 1521 FL and Alcatel-Lucent 1531 FL


For subscribers networks, in star topologies, Alcatel-Lucent 1521 FL (Alcatel-Lucent 1521 FL R2.5) includes ISDN terminating functions and X.21 data interface

The Alcatel-Lucent 1521 FL IP system provides unique features like the possibility to combine TDM and IP traffic on the same access link and the inverse mux that enables the Ethernet traffic to be mapped into up to 4x2 Mb/s channels at the exchange side

Alcatel-Lucent 1521 FL and also Alcatel-Lucent 1531 FL (16x2 Mb/s fiber optical system) are managed by a common management system with automatic discovery of network elements, centralized fault monitoring, remote configuration, automatic back up & restoration, and collection of performance data and relevant security functions.

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