Akai AM-U55 JAPAN - Revised cleaned and Biased Hi-Fi vintage

168 €


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Welcome !

As usual: will not be talking specs of this as I like to assume you know exactly what you're buying.

Electrically the unit is in pristine condition. I gave the amp the usual new arrival love: Revised for any traces of used out components. None in this case, internals show no signs of wear. All trim pots and switches were cleaned and deoxed/lubricated - so no scratching pots on this one. Gave it a good listen, will not comment the sound as that always goes too far :). PM me if you want to discuss anything.
It's a well built early 80s model which is no surprise coming from AKAI.

Cosmetically it has a few marks here and there and some very thin scratches infront - as in pictures. Nothing dramatic for its age though. The overall condition is quite good.

Shipping from France to EU. Any other shipping area, contact me for a custom quote.

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