Adjustable USB Microphone Omnidirectional Anti-noise For Lap

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Portable 360° Omnidirectional Full Point Anti-noise USB Microphone For Laptop PC

In the XP system plug and play, automatically shield the computer built-in sound card microphone (individual computer will not be shielded only need to manually switch once) for: network chat, network video conferencing, network singing, network recording, online games,Professional network microphone professional voice chat tool plug and play without any portable portable practical.

Features: USB plug for any one with USB interface, computer models
2. 360 ° omnidirectional full point, anti-noise, can be used for computer recording
3. cold and dark, mor e intimate color
4. High-performance microphone, true sound reproduction
5. High sensitivity, effective distance of mor e than 2 meters, bid farewell to the traditional 3.5-pin wheat effective distance 0.5M-1M limitations
6. Access to the recording without the need for other devices
7. Can be used with any USB port computer (including Appl e), XP system above the free drive, plug and play.
8. Flatness and clarity of the flat wide frequency response

Microphone mouth length 5cm
Straightened height 13.5cm
Base width 5.5cm
2. Sensitivity: -47dB ± 4dB
3. Sensitivity reduction: -3dB at 1.5V
4. Working voltage: 4.5V
5. Frequency response: 100 ~ 16kHz5. SNR: Mor e than -67dB
6. SNR: Mor e than -67dB
7. Length: 0.7-0.9M

Package Including:
1 x USB Microphone

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