18 actuators deformable & orientable mirror for adaptive opt

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Used Aoptix deformable mirror with 18 actuators & dual-axis rotation for adaptive optics (wavefront correction/manipulation), with 2 drivers boards.

Valuable information can be found at:
(actual mirror presumed to be same family product)


- no scratch seen on mirror

- one board for deformation control, the other for dual-axis rotation control

- rotation: about +-5° X&Y axis, control through electromagnetic coils

- diaphragm diameter: # 11 mm

- from near IR FSO 1550nm system testbench (probable gold coating)

- no docs; retro-engineering required

- untested

More info on DM driver PCB:

- 10 ICs with bad contrast markings are AD5582 (quad 12-bit DAC)

- Control IC is a Xilinx FPGA (QFP144).

- DC/DC high voltage boost power supply ("500V" test point)

- PCB and components are varnished (hence the bad contrast on some ICs), high voltage board

- some heat sink baseplate must be mount on side (no varnish on Ni-Au coating)

More info on dual-axis driver PCB:

- 2x PA75CC power drivers

- DC/DC power supplies

- presume control IC is a Xilinx FPGA

- no varnish on components

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